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Zone of Emptiness – Noma Hiroshi

Set in an Osaka army barrack during the final stages of a losing war. A place where food rations are low, corruption is high, physical abuse common, and where mobilization, almost certainly, means death. A place where it’s each man for himself. ‘A place’, one of the two protagonists muses, ‘where the air that is […]

Botchan (1906) – Natsume Sōseki

Terwijl ik over de Meiji-periode las in The Making of Modern Japan, probeerde ik zoveel mogelijk flarden literatuur uit de Meiji-periode in Donald Keenes Modern Japanese Literature erbij te lezen. Dit in de hoop om via de literatuur de periode beter te kunnen begrijpen, en via kennis van de periode de literatuur beter te begrijpen; waardoor […]